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ExoPoll Satisfaction Survey keeps you attached
to your customers, employees, and the market.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let's explore how satisfied are your customers.
Ask your customers what you need and get instant feedback from each walk-in customer.

  • Friendly Design

    ExoPoll provides a familiar interface to understand the process of a survey.

  • Brand Identity

    Attach your brand logo and stronger your trust with customers.

  • Customized Questions

    You can create questions of your choice. Prepare what you're seeking.

  • Deploy in Multiple Outlets

    Do you've multiple branches? Install ExoPoll everywhere individually.

  • Attractive Design

    Presentable display that can attract people to give answers.

  • Unlimited Questions

    Add unlimited questions in your customer survey.

  • Survey Reports

    Get all the reports on your dashboard.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Get real-time feedback to improve products, services, and business overall.


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Add Outlets

Add your locations, devices and attach them with each other. Now you can assign multiple devices to each location.


Create Survey

Create a custom survey with unlimited questions. Choose multiple choices whatever you like.


Enjoy Ratings

Switch to your dashboard and enjoy the ratings.

ExoPoll Customer Satisfaction Survey App

ExoPoll Customer satisfaction survey is perfect for all types of industries. You can use it in restaurants, gyms, cafes, hotels, grocery stores, travel agencies, educational institutes, banking, Cafeterias, resorts, Outlets, Food Courts, Food joints, healthcare centers, etc.

Now deploy your ExoPoll Customer Satisfaction Survey App in unlimited branches. Prepare one survey for all your places or prepare individual surveys for each office and get all the reports in one place.

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Enjoy the ExoPoll customer satisfaction survey app and grow your business with minimal risk factors.
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